Zerodha Dp Account Number For Ipo

Zerodha dp account number for ipo

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Lots of zerodha and other discount broker customer have a question whether they can apply IPO through there brokers or not.

The simple answer is Yes, applying for an IPO is possible using Zerodhg Demat account.

To explain the process, you have to understand that Zerodha provide trading platform and are a Depository participant(DP) of CDSL.

Zerodha dp account number for ipo

For applying IPO, you need a Demat account number. You can find Demat account number under “Your profile” in

Once you have the number, you can apply for IPO through most of the bank including SBI, ICICI and all bank who provide Net banking.

Here I will explain in details how you can apply IPO through ICICI bank.

Just login to your bank and go to Investment option

Once you login, on the next screen it will show you all the IPO which are available right now.

Zerodha dp account number for ipo

Just select the IPO you want to apply for.

In the next screen, you have to provide the details of your Demat account. Copy it from Zerodha backoffice.

About expert option trading platform

Select CDSL and paste DP Client ID here.

Choose the price on which you want to apply shares and number of shares you want to apply.


Once you click submit, the fund would be blocked using ASBA.

what that means is the funds are not withdrawn from the back but are put on hold.

Zerodha dp account number for ipo

In case you receive allotment, the funds would be deducted and rest of the funds would be released from hold. This has been done to that there is no delay in refund process and no physical check are required.

How to know Zerodha ZPIN zerodha IPO DP ID

All the IPO nowadays use ASBA for IPO’s.

You can check the order for IPO you have placed in Order Book.

You can apply for IPO online for any broker. You just need your Demat account number.

In case you get allotment, the shares are directly credited to your Demat account one day before they start trading.

Zerodha dp account number for ipo

The hold on the funds are also removed from the bank once the allotment is complete.

Hope this would have helped people to understand how they can apply for IPO through Zerodha. It is a very simple and fool proof process for application which you can use online.

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No need to visit anywhere or no need to fill any forms.

To open account with Zerodha, please provide your details

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