Where To Buy Uber Ipo

Where to buy uber ipo

So many misconceptions about stock in this thread.

1) no, not anyone can buy the IPO issued shares pre-market. You have to be on the inside/invited.

2) buying after it hits the market is a crap shoot and very volatile.

With Uber and Lyft near all-time lows, here's how this ETF pro is trading the 2019 IPO market

Just ask the dumbasses that bought PALM. LOL.

Where to buy uber ipo

But don't think you are "buying IPO" after it hits the market, that's ignorant.

3) you can't short an IPO, there is a moratorium on short sales for newly public companies.

4) uncovered short sales are stupid from the get go.

In general never sell short, instead BUY a PUT.

5) if you don't know what a PUT is, you have no business even discussing stocks.

No you didn't.

Where to buy uber ipo

You bought shares after they became traded on the market. That is NOT getting in on the IPO.

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Where to buy uber ipo