What Is Controls In An Ipo Diagram

What is controls in an ipo diagram

What is an IPO diagram?

An IPO diagram shows the Inputs, Processing Steps and Outputs for a system and is used to describe the structure of a process.The input-process-output (IPO) diagram is widely-used in systems analysis and software engineering.

Using an IPO Chart

The inputs generally come from the user via the keyboard. They can also come from a file.


The processing steps are the steps for your algorithm. The outputs are the results shown to the user on the screen or paper.

What is controls in an ipo diagram

Outputs can also be written to a file.

An IPO diagram

To help you develop an understanding of a problem you should read the problem statement. You may need to ask follow-up questions before proceeding.

What is controls in an ipo diagram

Next, divide the problem into its components.

The solution is often to take the inputs, apply your algorithm and generate the output.

You can document this thought process in an input/output diagram or, Systems Diagram.

Divide the problem into three components:

  • Input – a list of the source data provided to the problem
  • Output – a list of the outputs required
  • Processing – a list of actions needed to produce the required outputs.

    This is also your algorithm!

statementBalancereceive statementBalance
depositsInTransitreceive depositsInTransit
checksOutstandingreceive checksOutstanding
bankFeesreceive bankFees
checkbookBalancereceive checkbookBalance
Add statementBalance to depositsInTransit
Subtract checksOutstanding from above total
subtract bankFees from checkbookBalance
Display message
indicating if
your checkbook
is balanced or not

What is controls in an ipo diagram