What Does The Acronym Ipo Mean

What does the acronym ipo mean

What is an IPO? And Why Do Companies Like Lyft & Uber go Public?

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Rank Abbr.Meaning
IPOInitial Public Offering (new stocks)
IPOInitial Purchase Order (various companies)
IPOIndian Patent Office (India)
IPOIllustrative Purposes Only
IPOInternational Procurement Office
IPOInternational Purchasing Office
IPOInvesting Pays Off (Merrill Lynch)
IPOInvestment Promotion Office (various organizations)
IPOIndian Postal Order
IPOInternal Purchase Order
IPOImport Power Online
IPOIndependent Program Oversight (consulting)
IPOIndividual Pays Own (meeting planning)
IPOIndependent Pharmacists of Ontario (Canada)
IPOInternet Powered by Oracle
IPOIndian Intellectual Property Office