Star Cement Ltd Ipo

Star cement ltd ipo

Star cement ltd ipo

Star Cement is the largest cement manufacturer in north east India. The plant is spread across 40 acres of land in the idyllic town of Lumshnong, a strategic location at Meghalaya that ensures easy availability of high-grade limestone.

Star Cement Celebrated 48th National Safety Week Campaign 2019

The brand Star Cement has established itself as the most accredited brand of the region on grounds of both quality and fair pricing.

Star Cement Limited is one of the most profitable cement manufacturers in North East India.

• Because of its prudent locational advantage
• Because of its timely raw material linkage
• Because of its proactive capacity expansion
• Because of its expert brand positioning

Business area of the company:

The company is engaged in to the Cement manufacturing sector.


Star Cement’s product range includes:

• Ordinary Portland Cement  Grade 43&53
• Portland Pozzolana Cement
• Star Anti Rust Cement (ARC)
• Portland Slag Cement

Parent/ Subsidiary:

Star Cement is a 70.48% subsidiary of Century Plyboards.

Awards and achievements:

Awarded with Silver Award by Greentech foundation.