Qib Meaning In Ipo

Qib meaning in ipo

Personal application: Original QID + Copy

Customer applying on behalf of Minor:

  • Original birth certificate or Qatari passport of the Minor + Copy
  • Original QID or Qatari passport of the applicant + Copy
  • Letter from Minor Affairs being the Legal Guardian + Copy

Customer applying in the name of a third party other than a Minor:

  • Original QID of the third party + Copy
  • Original QID of the applicant + Copy
  • Power of attorney valid for use in Qatar evidencing the fact that the person making this Application is duly authorised to apply for Offer Shares on behalf of the relevant third party + Copy

Qatari client temporarily or permanently based outside of Qatar can subscribe via a scanned copy or faxed applications.

*Customer must have enough balance in his account to cover the subscription amount.

**Copies of all documents must be presented.

Qualified institutional buyer