Now Ipo Bindings 2020 Review

Now ipo bindings 2020 review

Vlog 62: Now Bindings

The NOW IPO Bindings recapture that energy with the Kingpin that acts as a fulcrum for some seriously impressive power transfer. It makes getting edge to edge instantaneous so I can enjoy great responsiveness wherever I choose to point it.

NOW IPO Bindings Review

When I ride, I need a binding that is going to get it done when I decide to lap the park.

And straight-line it down the fresh groom.

Now ipo bindings 2020 review

And hunt for stashes out of bounds. And take on the tightest tree runs.

Now ipo bindings 2020 review

Basically, the things that connect my boots to my board have got to perform anywhere on the mountain. The NOW IPO Bindings are the pair that gets that job done.

With all this emphasis on response and power transfer, I expected most of the flexibility to be thrown out the window, but I was pleasantly surprised by how tweakable the NOW IPO bindings actually are.

Now ipo bindings 2020 review

By no means are they as loosey-goosey as some of the dedicated park bindings out there, but I still recognized their ability to deliver some freedom without being too rigid.

In terms of comfort, the Foot Pillow lives up to its name as it dampens and absorbs shock like a champ.

Even when I landed a little too far into the flat, my feet didn’t hate me thanks to that generous 15 mm of EVA.

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I liked the way the straps hugged my feet as well. After a full day, I never felt like they were digging or causing any discomfort.

The buckles have been upgraded for this year’s model and it was reasonably noticeable.

New ladder straps and ratchets enhanced the experience of getting in and out for a quicker, more fluid process.

Now ipo bindings 2020 review

There is nothing worse than crappy buckles, so I put a premium on not having to worry about that with this pair.

Overall Impression

Overall, I love the versatility of the NOW IPO Bindings ($209.95).

They provide a very acceptable amount of flex while delivering the responsiveness I crave in technical terrain.

Now ipo bindings 2020 review

The IPOs will undoubtedly give you the confidence to step up your ride game so that you can dissect some super hairy lines and throw it down with authority.

Now IPO Snowboard Binding

5 / 5 RATING