Nippon Ipo Grey Market

Nippon ipo grey market

Reliance Nippon Life IPO Grey Market, Reliance Nippon Life IPO GMP, Reliance Nippon Life Greymarket Rates, Gray Market, GMP of Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd.

Nippon ipo grey market

Reliance IPO GMP

India’s third-largest mutual fund manager Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd opens its IPO for subscription on Wednesday, 25th October 2017. The IPO of Reliance Nippon Life will close on 27th October 2017 for the subscription on NSE and BSE.

Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd IPO, Reliance Mutual Fund AMC IPO Details

People who are active in the IPO market and investors are now curious to know whether they should apply for this IPO or not. People want to know the grey market price of Reliance Nippon Life IPO.

In the given section of this page, we will update the daily price of Reliance Nippon Life IPO GMP. This page will be updated frequently with the latest price, at the same time you can also view the historic price.

Nippon ipo grey market

Investors are advised to check all the fundamentals of the company before applying. Grey Market rates of Reliance Nippon Life IPO is an indication. The price changes all the time during subscription to the listing. This is why applicants need to read all the details of the IPO before applying. Investors can check the DRHP of the IPO at the SEBI website.

Reliance Nippon Life IPO Grey Market Premium

Now read some details about the Reliance Nippon Life IPO at the given section of our website.


Reliance Nippon Life IPO Grey Market Price and Premium

As soon as the company has announced the price band and dates for the Reliance Nippon Life IPO, the grey market activities have been started in this IPO.

Let us see some important details about the company at the given space.

  1. Name of the company: Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd
  2. Opening date: 25th October 2017
  3. Closing Date: 27th October 2017
  4. IPO Price Band: Rs. 247 – Rs. 252 Per Equity Share

Reliance Nippon Life IPO Allotment Status

GMP of Reliance Nippon Life IPO

The subscription is already started and the price band is fixed at Rs.

247 – Rs. 252 Per Equity Share. The Lot Size is 59 shares.

What is Grey Market Premium?

The company has raised Rs 462.6 crore by allotting shares to 24 anchor investors at the higher end of the IPO just before the opening date. The current GMP of Reliance Nippon IPO is Rs. 70 and the Kostak Rates are quoting at Rs.

740 as of 25th October 2017. You can check the daily grey market price of Reliance Nippon IPO at the given area.

DateGMPKostak RateSauda
24 October 2017Rs.

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Rs. 725—-
25 October 2017Rs.

Nippon ipo grey market


Rs. 740—-
26 October 2017Rs.

Nippon ipo grey market


Rs. 900—-
27 October 2017Rs.

Nippon ipo grey market


Rs. 900—-
30 October 2017Rs.

How to check IPO GMP - How to check Grey market price - Quriousbox


Rs. 725—-
01 November 2017Rs.

Latest IPO Grey Market Price & Upcoming Premium & Kostak Rates


Rs. 725—-
03 November 2017Rs. 50Rs. 725Rs.

IPO Grey Market Price (IPO GMP Premium & Kotak Rate)


06 November 2017Rs. 42Rs. 725Rs. 3000

06th November 2017: The price is crashed before a listing to Rs.

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03rd November 2017: The gmp is Rs. 50, Kostak Rate Rs. 725 and Sauda deals rate is Rs. 3000.
01st November 2017: The grey market price is Rs. 60.
30th October 2017: The GMP is down to Rs. 65 from Rs.

What is Kostak Rates?

85 and the Kostak rates are also down at Rs. 725.
27th October 2017: There is no change in the Reliance Nippon grey market rates.
26th October 2017: The GMP is up at Rs. 85 due to the great response on day one, The kostak rates are at Rs. 900.

Note: The company seeks price-earnings (PE) multiple of over 38 on FY17 earnings and equity after the IPO.

Horak na ipu cena

According to the experts, the IPO is richly valued or aggressively priced. So, investors with high-risk appetite may consider investing. In other words, Reliance Nippon IPO looks more suitable for investors with higher risk appetite.

Check more details about Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd IPO.

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