Mstc Limited Ipo Form Download

Mstc limited ipo form download


Mstc limited ipo form download

MSTC Limited is a unit of Government of India involved in offering diversified e-commerce services including e-auction, e-sale, e-procurement and varied software development related solutions.

It is headquartered in Kolkata and has implemented over 1,90,000 auctions across more than 1,10,000 users. It has managed to conduct 30,500 auctions in nine months frame ended on December 2018.

Date of Incorporation:The company was incorporated as “Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited” in Kolkata on 9th September 1964.

Subsequently, it was renamed to “MSTC Limited” on 9th November 1994.

Promoters of the Company: The President of India acting on behalf of Ministry of Steel, Government of India are the promoters of MSTC Limited.

Product and Service Offerings: The Company offers Services across:

  • - E-Commerce: e-auction/e-sale, e-procurement and retail software.


  • - Trading: cash and carry model, 110