Movie Scene Bride In Wedding Dress Ipoed Cream Mouth

Movie scene bride in wedding dress ipoed cream mouth

There were only a few friends at the wedding. Family just would not have understood. The bride got all the attention. Not only was Shawna beautiful -- she had walked down the aisle with her gloved hands cuffed behind her.

She was also deliriously happy. Her bridal veil covered her face, and her white wedding dress was a touch on the modern side - low cut in front to show some cleavage, and the hem settled just above her knees.

She had meticulously shaved her legs the night before, and they were supple and smooth. Her bare ankles had leather cuffs around them, though they were not bound together.

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Right now, it was symbolic.

Yes, it was an unconventional wedding, and she had participated in writing the script for the ceremony. It was replete with phrases about her willing and joyful submission.

Her new husband lifted her veil and saw a very happy and proud woman.

Her straight dark hair nicely framed her face and she had tastefully applied lipstick. Her shining eyes conveyed trust and surrender. He drew near, and she slightly puckered her lips. Her insides quaked when their lips touched. He pressed in, and the nonverbal message that he conveyed was that consummation was near. It was what she had been waiting for.

They immediately retreated to the reception. They were both eager to have the reception over with.

She wanted to experience her new plateau of submission that he had promised.

Her eagerness stemmed from events several months earlier. Shawna had always been a submissive, with fantasies of being disciplined.

Playful spanking with her boyfriend led to heavier things, and when he got her over his lap one time and paddled her hard, her body language (as well as the way she kicked her legs and wiggled) told him that this was likely to be a regular part of their relationship.

She recalled the stratospheric orgasm she attained when he first placed his mouth on her brunette pussy after a hard paddling, and how she begged for more.

He was also unusual in another way. He refrained from vaginal intercourse, telling her that he would do that when they were married, but not before.

Movie scene bride in wedding dress ipoed cream mouth

It was, to him, a dominance thing. Neither of them were virgins - he at 29 years old, and she at 27, had both had several past lovers.

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They did engage in sex play - there was no doubt in Shawna's mind of his virility when his cock erupted in her mouth and she swallowed pulse after pulse of hot semen. She had begged him to fuck her, and had come close to breaking down his will to refrain on a few occasions. Her delectable pussy, framed by shapely hips and willowy smooth legs, almost got him to plunge inside her.

But at the last minute he brought his will to the fore, and instead turned her over and severely leathered her backside with a strap.

She kept begging him to fuck her, and he kept refusing. Finally, he suggested marriage and she happily accepted.

The bondage became more intense. Many times he tied her spread-eagled on the bed and drove her half crazy with his mouth on her pussy.

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This was inevitably followed by a spurting ejaculation in her mouth or all over her breasts. He loved seeing her lips close around his meaty erection, and her eyes - those excited eyes always brought him off sooner than he wanted.

She readily agreed to his ideas of a "bondage wedding", where she would be bound as much as practicable during the ceremony and reception.

About two weeks prior to the ceremony, he told her that on their wedding night she would be whipped before the consummation. He also told her how he was going to take her: "After you've been whipped, you'll be tied down on the bed.

I'm going to savagely fuck you until I'm spent. I'll grasp your hips with my hands and open your pussy. Then I'm going to plunge inside you and have my way with you. You should make sure you're ready to accommodate me like that. Also, I want Jennifer to give you enemas that day until you're completely clean."

Jennifer was a mutual friend, and the woman that Shawna selected as her maid of honor.

The wedding reception also was unconventional by usual standards.

Shawna's dress had been pulled down to her waist to expose her breasts; her hands were bound behind her, and the blonde Jennifer helped her eat by feeding her small portions from a fork. When it was time to cut the cake, it was placed in front of Shawna and she clumsily made the first cut by holding the knife handle in her mouth. After they had some cake, the new bridegroom smeared some frosting on Shawna's nipples, causing her to be the center of attention for the remainder of the reception, which she greatly enjoyed.

As the reception wound down, Jennifer recalled with a smile her administering Shawna's enemas that morning.

She got explicit directions from Shawna's boyfriend about the number of enemas (two), the nozzle (use a douche nozzle), lubricant (he furnished the lubricant), temperature of the water (100 degrees exactly), and length of retention (5 to 10 minutes). Jennifer almost giggled aloud when she remembered the various faces that Shawna made when receiving the enemas and struggling to hold them.

She didn't know exactly why he insisted that she give Shawna the enemas instead of instructing the bride-to-be to give them to herself.

As the reception ended, Jennifer quietly slipped away and performed her next task.

About an hour later Shawna and her new husband arrived at the secluded house about 20 miles outside the city limits. The guest house was owned by a woman who was into the bondage scene, and she rented it out for events such as these.

The door was unlocked, and Jennifer welcomed them in.

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Her eyes showed the excitement that the three of them felt.

Shawna's arousal from anticipating the forthcoming consummation resulted in very damp panties.

Her husband maintained a stiff erection all the way over to the house.

They entered the spacious bedroom. The large sturdy bed was outfitted with heavy posts at the corners. There were rings and hooks spaced regularly across the ceiling. In one corner of the room was a box with ropes, cords, binding straps, and chains of varying lengths.

"Okay, ladies," the groom said, "It's time for the festivities to begin.

Jennifer, please remove all your clothes. Then I want you to get Shawna naked except for her bridal veil."

While the two ladies were occupied, he removed all his clothes.

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A sturdy erection sprang from his midsection. His raven-haired bride stood before the bed, and her friend Jennifer was by her side. He stared at Jennifer's blonde pussy, then at his bride's naked form.

"Shawna, you are so very beautiful. It's all I can do to resist taking you right now."

She blushed.

"Jennifer, please bind her wrists in a crossed position and stand her halfway between the foot of the bed and the wall, facing me.


I'd like her arms raised over her head and secured that way. Have her keep her bridal veil."

He lay on the bed, propped up on several pillows, and watched as Jennifer prepared Shawna. His erection hardened as he took in the arousing spectacle of a beautiful nude and dominant blonde preparing a new submissive bride to be whipped.

Shawna, herself aroused, almost did not feel some of her profuse natural lubricant escape from her pussy and trickle down her legs.

Movie scene bride in wedding dress ipoed cream mouth

She presented a delectable sight - nude but for her veil covering her face, and her bound wrists high above her head.

"Now, Jennifer, I want you to whip her between her waist and her knees with the three-thonged martinet."

Jennifer, her vagina now tingling with arousal, fetched the instrument of discipline.

She returned holding a beautifully crafted whip. She grasped it by the polished eight inch wooden handle from which emerged three leather strands about eighteen inches each. She walked behind Shawna and positioned herself so that the martinet would cover the maximum area.

The naked and aroused groom nodded to Jennifer.

She smiled slightly, drew the whip back, and with her gaze focused on Shawna's buttocks, swung the whip forward and followed through until it had completely swiped across the bound bride's buttocks.

Shawna jerked her midsection forward and threw her head back.



Jennifer waited a few seconds and snapped the martinet across the upper part of Shawna's buttocks.

"Aaaaaaah! Ohhhhhhh!" she yelled and twisted in her restraints.

She vigorously kicked her legs and pumped her hips in a futile attempt to alleviate the pain.

The striating martinet again swiped across her backside.

She yelled louder and kicked vigorously as the cumulative stripes demanded her attention.

Jennifer kept whipping. She pressed her lips firmly together as she got into her role. Shawna begged her new husband to make it stop. She twisted. She kicked. She danced. She bucked.

He kept watching, and Jennifer kept whipping.

Finally, he held his hand up, and Jennifer stopped.

A few whip marks were visible from the front where the tails of the martinet had wrapped around Shawna's waist.

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Her husband got up, went over to her and inserted a finger into her pussy. She gasped, and then squirmed as he worked it around inside her. When he pulled out, his finger was thickly coated with her natural feminine juices. He smeared some on her nipples and then kissed and nibbled on them until the pleasure from it almost overcame the pain from Jennifer's whip.

After a few moments of this, he arranged two pillows in the center of the bed, and asked Jennifer to help get Shawna positioned.

The blonde bridesmaid released the restraints, and they led Shawna to the bed. She lay face up, and the pillows under her hips accentuated her attractive midsection. She willingly spread her legs, and her own natural lubricant glistened on her labia.

Jennifer tied the bride's wrists well apart, and did the same to her spread ankles.

Jennifer stepped back and stood silently, watching. The feverishly aroused bridegroom climbed on the bed between his bride's spread legs. His meaty erection seeped pre-cum. Her nakedness was accentuated by the bridal veil over her face. Her excited eyes were open wide, and she displayed an aroused smile of anticipation.

He gently lifted the bottom of the veil and exposed his bride's sensuous mouth.

His hands went to her hips.

Movie scene bride in wedding dress ipoed cream mouth

He spread the captive bride's labia apart and, resisting for a moment his urge to go ahead and enter her, gazed at the glistening womanhood that longed to receive him.

He guided the tip of his cock to her entrance.

She was breathing hard, her mouth wide open, and her hips imperceptibly rose to meet his erection. A short pause, and then he quickly drove his cock into his bride. It brusquely spread her insides apart as he quickly sank it in as far as it would go.

"AAAAAAAAH!" Her exclamation filled the room.

He fell forward and they were chest to chest.

Movie scene bride in wedding dress ipoed cream mouth

Sounds of "Uh! Uh! Uh!" came from both of them as he repeatedly slammed his cock into her pussy. After scarcely a half minute, he spurted uncontrollably. He pressed his mouth on hers and they kissed long and furiously as his ejaculation spurted into her.

After a few moments he pulled out. A string of translucent cream oozed from his raven-haired bride. He asked Jennifer to turn her over and bind her, this time with her legs together.

He took in the delectable sight of his face-down brunette bride, arms spread wide, legs together, hips raised by pillows, with fresh striations from the whip on her waist and buttocks.

Jennifer had long since become orgasmically aroused by her participation, and her blonde pussy made it apparent.

She sensed what was coming next, picked up a tube of lubricant and handed it to the aroused bridegroom. He spread Shawna's nether cheeks and inserted some lubricant.

She squirmed as he did this. Jennifer stood close by - she wanted to observe.

Shawna became frightened when she felt her hind cheeks spread apart, and the tip of her new husband's revived erection at her rear portal as he prepared to enter her.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned as he slowly and firmly pushed in about an inch. His quivering cock stayed there a moment. Then he could not further restrain himself, and with his hands firmly gripping Shawna's waist, sank his cock all the way to the hilt, taking only a few seconds.


"Shawna," he whispered hoarsely.

"Shawna, that feels so good!"

"Oh, I feel so full!" she replied.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes! Yes! It's okay... Fuck me. Please fuck me!" She couldn't believe she had uttered those words, particularly in front of Jennifer.

Movie scene bride in wedding dress ipoed cream mouth

In a way, she wished that Jennifer wasn't in the room; and in another way, Jennifer's presence was titillating.

Shawna groaned raucously as the bridegroom's hard cock slithered and snaked in and out.

After a moment of getting the right penetration and tempo, he abandoned all restraint. Shawna reacted predictably - open-mouthed shouts, clenched fists, twisting and writhing. As strong male hands tightly gripped her hips, she felt the cock within her become harder and enlarge still more. She knew he was near squirting again. She heard a groan, and the pumping became more frenzied.

Her sensitive nerve endings felt every ejaculatory squirt, even as the hard cock continued its relentless pounding. Her outcries became almost continuous throughout the lengthy ejaculation. Finally, he stopped pumping, and settled inside her as far as he could go.

They both panted deeply for a moment, and an occasional squirt ejected into her well pounded portal.

He pulled out, and Jennifer asked sweetly, "You're not spent yet, are you?"

"Oh heck no," he said, "I've been saving up for ten days.

Next I'm going to do her pussy with her bound as she is."

"Here, let me help get you ready," Jennifer smiled, and grasped his cock with both hands. She lightly touched, stroked, and manipulated the cock until it became erect. Then with a coy smile she let go.

"I think Shawna should pleasure you while I do her," he stated, as if reading her mind. "Go ahead and get yourself situated."

Shawna groaned. Jennifer climbed on the bed and positioned her hips so that her damp mound was directly in front of Shawna's face.

Her legs were alongside Shawna's ribs, and her feet were against the sides of the prone bride's hips. Then she grasped the bound bride's face and pulled forward until her pussy lips were almost in contact with Shawna's mouth. Her pussy was damp from arousal, and her labia glistened. She saw the bridegroom prepare to enter.

"Shawna," he said, "You can start working on Jennifer's pussy. She deserves some pleasure for all the help she's given us.

Be sure to give her some good orgasms - I'll pleasure her if you don't." With that, he shoved his re-hardened cock into his bride's tight sloppily wet pussy.

"Ohhhh!" she gasped.

Jennifer gently pressed Shawna's face against her aroused pussy.

She shuddered when Shawna's mouth made contact. After some gentle kissing, Shawna became more enthusiastic and licked, kissed, and sucked. The bridegroom's constant thrusting pushed her face against Jennifer's pubic mound with a regular tempo, and Shawna took advantage of that to plant short kisses on her bridesmaid's pussy.

Jennifer gritted her teeth and threw her head back. Then she roughly pulled Shawna's face into her crotch.

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The thrusting became more intense and Shawna gasped an occasional "Ahh!" when her mouth was not pressed hard against the blonde's pussy. The thrusting bridegroom grasped Jennifer's legs for leverage, and pounded into Shawna. His cock hardened as he approached his third ejaculation.

Softly, Jennifer moaned. Then, increasing in volume, she let herself go and her open-mouthed exclamations penetrated the room. She pumped her hips wildly at the same time that the bridegroom began spurting into Shawna.

He exclaimed loudly, and brusquely pounded his bride's pussy as his cock pulsed and throbbed, injecting fresh semen into her.

They rested a few moments. Shawna's pubic area was covered with the blended juices of her own arousal and the recent ejaculations of her new husband; her face was smeared with Jennifer's pussy glaze.

Jennifer's pubic area and inner thighs glistened with feminine lubricant and sweat.

They released Shawna's restraints. She appeared weary and at the same time contented - she had been through a lot - the whipping, a good fucking, and orally servicing another woman.

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She removed her disheveled bridal veil, and even then her raven hair attractively framed her face. They sipped champagne for a while.

The libations increased the excitement of the wedding night, and sexual arousal again permeated their mood.

When Shawna laughed heartily at something said, and lay back on the bed, the bridegroom kissed her; Jennifer, feeling playful, put her hand on Shawna's raven-haired pubic bush and ran her fingers all over the bride's creamy pussy.

Shawna moaned sensuously, and Jennifer increased her efforts. It did not take long for the bride to erupt in a tumultuous orgasm.

That gave Shawna's new husband an idea.

Movie scene bride in wedding dress ipoed cream mouth

He told Jennifer to keep on stimulating his bride's pussy. Then he pinned her down at the shoulders and kissed her repeatedly while her friend kept on with the vaginal stimulation.

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Her reaction was thrilling - between kisses she couldn't keep from open-mouthed exclamations of pleasure, and went through several orgasms over the period of twenty minutes.

Shawna and her husband felt spent, although Jennifer was still excited.

The couple drifted off to sleep, and Jennifer decided to rest until she had some word on whether they wanted her to stay. About an hour later she was very tired and since the bed was big, she lay down on it and closed her eyes.

Later she was awakened by a rhythmic motion of the bed.

In the dim light she observed Shawna straddling her husband's hips. He was either asleep or lying there with his eyes closed. Shawna had not noticed Jennifer's awakening, and was repeatedly enjoying the full length of her husband's meaty cock.

The sight of the bride's sloppily wet pussy being spread apart by the large erection aroused Jennifer beyond words.

Shawna gasped when she saw Jennifer move. She did not stop pumping her hips, though - she was too aroused. Jennifer sat up on the bed and gingerly placed her hands on the beautiful bride's breasts.

Shawna opened her mouth and threw her head back, enjoying the sensations. After a few moments Jennifer removed her hands from the bride's breasts, and straddled the prone bridegroom's mouth while facing Shawna.

Shawna's husband opened his eyes and was immediately treated to the sight of Jennifer's pussy, close up.

He smiled, and lightly licked the blonde's delectable labia.

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She knew that she had gotten his attention, and grasped Shawna's shoulders. Jennifer closed her eyes and held onto Shawna as her pussy attracted more enthusiastic kissing.

Shawna smiled when she felt her new husband's cock swelling up within her.

The bridegroom felt the gradual and inevitable buildup of his impending orgasm.

He grasped Jennifer's hips and brusquely pulled toward him and firmly planted her pussy on his mouth. He excitedly and forcefully kissed the blonde girl's sloppy and creamy pussy as she moaned aloud. Then he could no longer withstand the intense stimulation.

His insides clenched, his cock swelled up, he yelled out, "Unnnnmffff!", and spurted with total abandon inside his new bride while aggressively kissing Jennifer's pussy.

That was enough for Shawna - causing the cock inside her to spew forth after the long ride pushed her over the edge. She ground her hips into his as she exclaimed, knowing that her lover was spurting.

"Dammit, dammit, dammit!" Jennifer exclaimed after Shawna and her new bridegroom finished their orgasmic paroxysms.

"I was so close!"

"Shawna," the husband said, "Make Jennifer cum - with your mouth. Jennifer, you have free reign."

Jennifer got on her back and spread her legs. Her creamy pussy radiated sensual heat, and she beckoned Shawna with her finger.

Her eyes were wide with excitement, and she moaned when the bride's mouth contacted her pussy.