Mkomazi National Park Ipo Mkoa Gani

Mkomazi national park ipo mkoa gani

Mkomazi national park ipo mkoa gani

Mkomazi is Tanzania’s newest park covering some 3,245sq km. It is located in northeast Tanzania, some 200km from Arusha.

Mkomazi national park ipo mkoa gani

To the north, lies Tsavo National Park, northwest Kilimanjaro and to the south the Pare and Usambara Mountains. Since 1989 the government together with wildlife experts have worked to restore healthy numbers of game to the park.

Given the geography of the area, Mkomazi exhibits a unique habitat for over 75 species of mammals such as the fringe-eared Oryx, lesser kudu, gerenuk, African wild dog and black rhinos.

Mkomazi national park ipo mkoa gani

Mkomazi boasts over 400 species of birds.

How to get to Mkomazi: From Arusha, the drive is about 2.5 hours on a good road passing through Moshi and Same. The drive will give you an opportunity to experience stunning landscapes and observe local communities as you drive.

Mkomazi National Park - Mkomazi National Park is one of the less visited Parks

What to do: Game drives, bird watching, hiking and visit the Mkomazi Rhino sanctuary.

Where to stay: We recommend Babus Camp (

When to go: Year around.

Experiencing Mkomazi: A visit to Mkomazi can be planned as part of a combination safari involving a visit to the famous Northern Circuit, or as an extension to a safari after a Kilimanjaro climb.  For itinerary ideas write to us or visit our suggested itineraries page.