Keali I Reichel Ipo Lei Momi

Keali i reichel ipo lei momi

Keali i reichel ipo lei momi

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Keali'i Reichel - Ipo Lei Momi lyrics

Auhea `oe e ka ipo lei momi, la e
`Ume`ume noweo i ka pouliuli, la e

E huli mai `oe a honi ka ihu, la e
Mai pulale na`e o nalo auane`i, la e

Lalau lima a pa`a i ka pono, la e
`O`e`o`e ka nuku i ke kapa moe holu, la e

Ua lomilomi `ia a miko ka `ili, la e
A nu käua a paupauaho, la e

Ha`ina `ia mai `ana ka puana, la e
E shh!

Kaua o ala na manu, la e

Where are you, O precious pearl wreath,
Glowing enticingly in the dark of night?

Turn to me and touch my nose,
Don't rush, though, or all will be lost.

Hands grope until the sweet spot is found,
As the sharp beak prods back and forth
beneath the swaying covers

The skin is rubbed until it is soaked
And we grunt until there is no more breath

Tell the story
But be quiet lest the birds awaken

Keali'i Reichel Ipo Lei Momi Hula Dance in New York City