Ipo Readiness Project Plan

Ipo readiness project plan

Readiness for IPO inevitably will mean you have to make changes, such as:

  • Organization change
  • Leadership and management responsibilities
  • Transparency
  • Ownership structure and control
  • Leading financial organization
  • Delivering on promises to investors

We carry out IPO readiness assessments to help you identify the most critical changes you will have to make.

First, we look at the capital agenda and IPO as a strategic option.

What Is Your "IPO and Public Company Readiness"?

We compare the relative merits of a multitrack approach, the pros and cons of an IPO, and help you evaluate what life will be like as a public company.

An understanding of the IPO markets is important; so we introduce you to the data that will help you act at the best possible time, and we provide detailed analysis of the markets that helps you make that decision.

We evaluate the relative merits of the home market or of a cross-border listing.

Finally, we help you determine what you are going to prioritize to prepare for life as a public company.