Ipo Project Mba Pdf

Ipo project mba pdf

Ipo project mba pdf

This Initial Public Offering (IPO) MBA Final Year Seminar Topic focuses attention on one of the very important instrument in Financial Markets, Initial Public Offering.


Financial Markets where securities / shares are bought and sold on exchange are called Capital Markets.

In order to generate lucrative interest of investor in Capital Markets, one must thoroughly address interest in new securities which are yet to launch in stock exchanges.

Ipo project mba pdf

Yes, we are talking about New Issue Markets.

In order to expand, diversify the existing business, debt repayment, acquisitions, etc., companies or corporate houses need huge capital, hence this capital can be collected by inviting public for investment in the company.

In order to become public company from private company, it must have SEBI (financial markets regulatory body in India)’s & existing stakeholders (called private investors) approval. Once SEBI & stakeholders clearance is received, private company can start procedure to become public company.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process

That’s why; this process is also defined as the process of converting private company into public.

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