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Chris Meverden

Bio and accomplishments

Chris Meverden has been working with and training dogs since 2002. He has been competitive in the sport of IPO (formerly called schutzhund) since 2006.

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From 2007-2013 Chris trained and handled three different dogs at National events. In 2013 he was the first ever American to qualify for both German Shepherd World Championships - The WUSV World Championship and World Universal Sieger.

Chris started Brickhaus Working Dogs and the North Tampa Dog Taining Academy in 2009, a dog training facility that offers pet obedience, behavior modification, dog sports, police, and executive protection dogs.

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He breeds working German Shepherds under the kennel name “vom Brickhaus”.

Some of Chris’ accomplishments:

G Aiko vom Burkendeiros Sch III Kkl2 (German Shepherd)

  • 2007 DVG Southeast Regional Championship 5th place
  • 2007 USCA North American Nationals Competitor

Iso Tkacov dvor Sch III IPO III --Handler Owned Trained (German Shepherd)

  • 2006 Wesley Chapel Dog Training Club Trial 1st place
  • 2007 DVG Southeast Championship 2nd place IPO II
  • 2008 Highway Schutzhund Club Trial 2nd place
  • 2008 DVG Nationals 22nd place
  • 2009 UScA Southeast Regional 5th place
  • 2009 Tampa Bay Working Dog Club Trial 1st place
  • 2009- UScA German Shepherd Nationals 15th place
  • 2010- Wesley Chapel Dog Training Club Trial 1st place
  • 2010- German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA Nationals 10th place 96-80-94=270
  • 2011- German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA Nationals 5th place High Tracking 99-88-90=270
  • Iso's career best trial scores were 100-92-99=291V & 96-96-97=289V both were first place finishes

V Danger von Juliet IPO III Kkl1-- Handler Owned Train from puppy (German Shepherd)

  • 2011 The Highway Schutzhund Club Trial 1st place 100-98-95=293 (IPO 1)
  • 2012 High Drive Working Dog Club Trial 3rd place 100-88-95=283 (IPO II)
  • 2012 Nature's Coast Working Dog Club Trial 2nd place.

    V rated in confirmation. 98-95-97=290(IPO III)

  • 2012 German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA Nationals 11thplace 80-93-94=267( at only 2 years old)
  • 2013 German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA National Champion 98-89-98=285
  • 2013 German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA Universal Sieger
  • 2013 WUSV World Qualifier 2nd Place 98-99-98=295
  • 2013 WUSV World Championship (Philadelphia, PA) 8th place 100-94-85 =279
  • 2013 WUSV only dog out of 102 dogs to score a perfect 100pt track
  • 2013 World Universal Sieger Championship (Deist, Belgium) 6th place

Conformation dogs that have been trained with Chris at Brickhaus.

Ipo dog training wiki

** - indicates they have received pronounce protection awards at Sieger shows

  • Negus von Frankengold**
  • Normanners Nokia**
  • Wiki dei Precision
  • Puma Angel Delight**