Ipo Diagram Input And Output

Ipo diagram input and output

Ipo diagram input and output

IPO Diagram is often used for the analysis of six sigma. In a simple diagram of an IPO can be shown in the picture beside. This diagram to easily illustrate the relationship of input, process and output. This graph provides a clear explanation of the inputs used and outputs must be generated by each function.

CS Basics: Input Process Output

This diagram is often used as a means of program documentation.

In broad outline can be explained that the input data shows that will be used by the process. The process itself is the steps used to solve problems that illustrate the working of the function.

Ipo diagram input and output

While output is a data item produced or modified by the steps in the process.

The diagram has a standard IPO called 1E 5M (Man, Machine, Method, Materials, Measurement and Environment). Which describe in detail the ways and factors that affect the manufacturing system in general.

Ipo diagram input and output

While the expected output is the productivity and quality are better aligned with the main objective of Six Sigma to deliver goods more quickly in the presentation, cheaper price and better quality.

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