Ipo Capital Pty Ltd

Ipo capital pty ltd


Ipo capital pty ltd

Capital Raisings: Xcel has significant experience in structuring and executing capital raisings for emerging ASX listed companies and has a broad investor base across Australia and overseas.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO): Xcel can assist more established companies through the IPO process.

This is generally a more direct and simple path for companies with established monetisation models.

Reverse Take-Overs (RTO): RTO’s present an alternate path for emerging private companies to list on the ASX whereby the private company will general take a controlling share of an already listed company looking for alternative businesses.

Ipo capital pty ltd

Pre-IPO funding: Xcel can arrange pre-IPO funding for companies looking to list on the ASX within a 12-month period but need capital to grow in the meantime.

Company Restructuring: Xcel can assist in total company restructuring including advice on ideal capital structure, balance sheet management, investor base and new asset identification and selection.

Corporate Advisory: Xcel provides general corporate advisory with the goal of increasing shareholder value.

Asset Acquisitions: With our large network across vast industries, Xcel can assist companies in the identification and selection of value accretive assets.