Houston Et Al 2020 Ipo

Houston et al 2020 ipo

Houston et al 2020 ipo

What do you predict for real estate in 2020? Leave your comments below.

Booming housing market


Low interest rates, a growing economy and expanding housing inventory will supercharge an already robust housing market.

Skyrocketing homeowners insurance

Witthaya Prasongsin

The cost of homeowners insurance will become the number one real estate issue in many markets as insurance companies react to an increasing number of natural disasters.

2020 U.S. IPO Candidates

NAR will turn on its lobbying engines to curb premium inflation, because the trend will begin to hurt home sales.

A big IPO

Robert Reffkin, Compass CEO

On the back of a successful Airbnb IPO, Compass will file its S-1 to go public.

It will be later in the year and not be without difficulty. Management changes will precede its filing with the SEC, and a former Zillow executive will join the Compass team.

Realogy’s iBuyer expands

Realogy / Nick Renda

Realogy will expand its RealSure ibuying platform by partnering with either Zillow or Opendoor, or by acquiring W&R Studios which offers an integrated iBuying solution on its Cloud CMA product.

Big retirements

Joel Singer, CEO of CAR

Bob Hale, CEO of HAR

At the end of 2020, California Association of Realtors CEO Joel Singer and Houston Association of Realtors CEO Bob Hale will announce their retirement.

They will be widely recognized for their enlightened, innovative and lasting contributions to the industry.

Houston et al 2020 ipo

I hope they don’t.


IBuyer marketshare surge

Photo credit: Craig McLachlan

Some version of iBuying — Zillow’s Instant Offer, Realogy’s ReaSure, et.


Houston et al 2020 ipo

— will represent 50 percent of all sales in major US real estate markets by the end of the year. Every successful agent and broker will offer an instant offer solution on their own or in partnership with iBuyers.

A software shakeup


MoxiWorks will acquire Boomtown or REW, gaining substantial software market share.

Houston et al 2020 ipo

Berkshire Hathaway will invest money in this enterprise, growing its stake in the company.

A pulitzer prize for fearless real estate reporting

Newsday’s groundbreaking investigation

A team of Newsday journalists will be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for their reporting on housing discrimination by real estate agents.

A squeeze on commission rates

Hiroshi Watanabe

Realtors will not be disintermediated, but the squeeze on commission rates will accelerate as too many digital middle-men continue to get their hands in the pie.

And, finally, an historic name change

National Association of Realtors

NAR will change its name to TRA, “The Realtor Association.”

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