Gmp Full Form In Ipo

Gmp full form in ipo

Stay updated with the latest details of IPO Grey Market Premium (IPO GMP). Although grey market (also called gray market) is an informal setup and not recognized by stock exchanges, GMP of several IPOs has correctly predicted eventual listing prices.

Latest IPO grey market premium rates (14 January 2020)

* represents kostak for firm allotment

A gray market transaction involves the unofficial agreement between an IPO investor and a stock broker which allows investors to lock profits before the stock lists.

Gmp full form in ipo

Under this system, shares allotted to IPO applications are sold by brokers without transferring the shares to their accounts. Since this is an unwritten accord between two parties, it entirely depends on the trust between the investor and broker.

Important points about IPO grey market and IPO GMP: 

  • IPO grey market movements may change very quickly and rates may be volatile. It is risky to base an investment decision on gray market IPO rates.

    Gmp full form in ipo

    Please refer to our research and analysis section.

  • Research has shown that retail investors are strongly influenced by market sentiment and as a result, are prone to overreaction, especially when it comes to IPO investing. Place your bets wisely!
  • IPO GMP rates are provided as sourced from market intelligence.

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    Please note these IPO GMP rates may be different depending on geographies and markets.

  • We don’t trade into grey market nor do we facilitate buying or selling of IPO forms. 
  • IPO GMP is the rate of premium an IPO commands per share in grey market.
  • Kostak rate is the amount an investor gets by selling his/her IPO application in grey market.

    This is the amount an investor stands to gain, irrespective of allotment status.

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What is IPO Grey Market == IPO ग्रे मार्केट के बारे में जानें

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Gmp full form in ipo

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Gmp full form in ipo