Destiny Grow Systems Ipo

Destiny grow systems ipo

Destiny grow systems ipo

The Destiny Grow System has its roots in the Kootenays of the Southern Interior of British Columbia where the paths of Destiny’s founders first converged. The mountain men and women in this region are fiercely independent and deeply committed to the emerging organic movement. Even twenty-five years ago, everything that they grew, from their carrots to their medicine had to be organic.

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Using chemical based nutrients – then popular with cannabis growers in other regions – was not an option. Fortunately these outdoor gardeners were able to acquire everything that they needed by using products from a local organic fertilizer manufacturer Gaia Green Products Ltd., founded in 1990 to meet the increasing need of organic farmers and gardeners.

(Gaia Green is now known for producing the highest quality organic fertilizers in Canada which are available at garden centers from coast to coast.) GranbyGaia Green’s reputation for providing the highest quality organic fertilizer and natural soil amendments in the form of specialized blends and recipes set the stage for regional cannabis cultivators to produce the highest quality outdoor cannabis on the Canadian market.

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The resulting product from these committed Kootenay growers is legendary. Over time, their methods spread across British Columbia as other cultivators discovered the superior results from growing organically with Gaia Green blends.

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This commitment to natural, organic production played a central role in the creation of what came to be known as the highly respected public brand “BC Bud”. Since that time however, the landscape for medicinal cannabis production has changed dramatically as cultivators have moved from outdoor sun-drenched mountain-sides to indoor basements and warehouses.

Destiny grow systems ipo

In this transition, most growers changed their production models towards synthetic chemical-based nutrient and pesticide systems promoted by the hydroponic industry. There was however one committed cultivator who refused to give up on the organic model – licensed grower and Destiny co-founder Jamie Morrison.

Destiny grow systems ipo

Jamie’s research and development on the organic inputs provided by Gaia Green continued for several years. By adding and removing Gaia’s inputs with continuous testing, a complete system was perfected that was found to be as effective and easy to use for indoor organic production as it was for outdoor growing.

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At the time, Jamie’s recipe for the organic grow system was exclusively used for his own production and that of a small number of close licensed associates. In short order, the exceptional quality of Jamie’s end product and in particular the concentration of terpenes created by the system had begun to receive a lot of attention, so much so that a jar of the product is now known in local circles as “The Jar of Destiny”.

Destiny grow systems ipo

As word began to spread that the results of using Jamie’s secret recipes and grow system exceeded the yields and quality of any conventional chemical production system, grower pressure for access began mounting. In order to meet demand, Gaia and Jamie joined forces and Destiny Grow Systems was born.