Boxer Im Ipo Sport

Boxer im ipo sport

Boxers have excellent communication.

Boxer Dog, Police Dog, Schutzhund Boxer "Sammy" IPO 3 protection

They broadcast always, but the owners do not always have the receiver. They all frequently push my right hand with their wet noses. 

First, it is a greeting.

Boxer im ipo sport

When I get home, they all do this at least once saying "Hi, Host". This is also an important calling sign, "come with me I’ll show you something", "My bowl is empty, get me fresh water please", or "Please open the door." (they can themselves; Eszmeralda pushing down the handle and Marci pulling the lower edge of the door inward). 

Hand pushing also means “I’m sorry”.

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 When they have a false alarm with great amounts of barking and I’m nagging, they come one by one and push my hand to say "I’m sorry".

Questions are also asked by hand pushing. The other day Marci went out in the rain and he was doing his toilet in the wrong area and we all saw that offense happen, yet I let him do it without a word.

Boxer im ipo sport

The same moment, Eszmeralda pushed my hand very firmly, looked straight into my eyes for a second, then looked at Marci, and again in my eyes, questioning, "Why are you letting him do this?" 

For a great offence, they apologize with stretching. 

If the stretch does not help to make it up, they stretch once more.

The final desperate apology is yawning.

Boxer im ipo sport

And looking aside. If they are at a loss or embarrassed, they yawn. The morning greeting is also stretching, they all do this.

When we return their happiness with words, they stretch once more.

There are many other signals, words in the Boxer language, and those are not necessarily identical in communication with different persons or Hosts.

They use personalized language.

In full agreement with my wife, we can say that living together with four Boxers in a mixed Boxer-Host pack is a unique and marvelous experience.

Boxer im ipo sport

There were times when we could not believe that living with four large Boxers in great harmony would be possible. It takes some input and sacrifice from all parties, but it is worth it.

Boxer im ipo sport