Beneficiary Account Number For Ipo

Beneficiary account number for ipo

Beneficiary account number for ipo

Outlook and Recommendation

We recommend the Lumber Depot Limited Initial Public Offering as a BUY.

Net Profits for the hardware business are expected to be sustained and continue to grow, at least over the medium term, due to the increased activity in the real estate market from the expansion of credit in Jamaica and the demographic movement towards urbanized areas.

This was spurred by more mortgage lending and real estate investors seeking higher yield in an unprecedented low interest rate environment which has caused a surge in real estate prices.

HOW TO APPLY IPO through ASBA, PNB- Step by Step Guide

This was reflected in an earlier 2016 report by the Bank of Jamaica with statistics provided by National Housing Trust. Because the management of LDL will not change from the spin-off of the hardware business, we expect a seamless transition of LDL into a stand-alone publicly traded firm.

Beneficiary account number for ipo

We however advise you to consult an investment advisor at Barita Investments Ltd to discuss your individual circumstances before making any investment decision.

Price/share $1.20
Estimated Fair Value $1.68
Implied Price Upside 40.75%
Recommendation BUY

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