Axis Bank Ipo Date

Axis bank ipo date

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Select the IPO Company and appropriate Investor Status from the Drop down Box and click on ‘Proceed’.

There are 2 IPO investor categories namely Retail Investor and Non-Institutional/High Net Worth Individuals. A retail investor is a person who applies for stocks with a value of not more than Rs 100,000.

Axis bank ipo date

This maximum retail investor value varies from IPO to IPO. Any bid exceeding the maximum retail investment value is considered in the Non-Institutional category.

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Non-Institutional Investors are commonly referred to as High Net-Worth Individuals.

In addition to the investor category, the IPO can be applied through two possible routes – ASBA and Non- ASBA.

In ASBA, at the time of bidding, your account is blocked to the extent of the application amount and is debited only at the time of allotment.

Upon allotment, the amount will be debited from your bank account to the extent of successful allotment. On non-allotment, the amount gets unlocked in your bank account. Further an Application placed under ASBA route can be modified /cancelled by you anytime during the bidding process.

In case of upward revision of bid, additional lien will be marked to the extent of incremental amount. However, in case of downward revision, differential money blocked earlier will not be released.

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Such amount, if any, will be released after allotment.

In Non-ASBA, the application amount is debited from your account once an order has been successfully placed with AxisDirect.

Axis bank ipo date

Further you are not allowed to modify or withdraw an application placed under the Non-ASBA route.

Enter the necessary Bid details - Important points to be noted here are:

Cutoff Date & Time - All IPO orders must be placed before the Cutoff Date & Time.

Axis bank ipo date

No IPO orders will be accepted beyond this point.

Minimum Investment Value – This is the minimum amount for applications in the Retail category, your application amount must be greater than or equal to this value. Any application whose value is less than this minimum value will not be accepted.

Maximum Investment Value – This is the highest possible application value your order can have in the Retail category.

Any application whose value is greater than this value falls into the Non-Institutional or High Net Worth Individual category.

Lot size – The lot size is the quantity multiple of the issue.

Here are 10 things to know about Bandhan Bank IPO:

For example, if the lot size for issue XYZ is 60, then acceptable lot size values are 60, 120, 180, 240 etc.

Tick size – The tick size is the price multiple within a specified price band.

For example, if an issue has a price band of Rs. 200 to 300 with a tick size of Rs.

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10, the acceptable price values for this issue are Rs. 200, 210, 220 and soon till Rs 300. This is a feature of Book Building Issues only.

For a Fixed Price Issue, you only have to enter the quantity or number of shares you are applying for.

IPO Approval Status: List of companies with SEBI approvals

For Book Building Issue, you can enter up to 3 Bids. The 1st Bid is Mandatory.

Axis bank ipo date

The 2nd and 3rd Bids are optional. The quantity entered should be in multiple of lot size and the price entered should be in multiple of tick size. You can also apply all three bids at cut-off price.

How To Apply IPO In Online From Axis Bank - Online IPO From Axis Bank - How To Apply IPO In Online

Checking the Cut-off option (for Book Building Issues only) implies that you are applying for the issue at its cut off price. After selecting it, the price displayed is the ceiling price.

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