Asba Bank List For Bse Ipo

Asba bank list for bse ipo


Asba bank list for bse ipo

Bank has started a supplementary & new facility “Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA)” process for applying in IPO/ FPO/ Right Issues where fund in the investor’s Bank account is blocked to the extent of application amount by marking lien at the time of subscribing in public issues.

On allotment of equity shares, corresponding amount is remitted to the issuer’s account and lien is removed on the balance amount, if any. ASBA facility is offered to the SB/CT account holders of the Bank through all the Branches of the Bank at various locations.

How to apply NCD

ASBA physical form can be obtained from NSE/BSE website by clicking on ASBA e-forms under Key Links and can be submitted to any of the Branches.

Click here to download FAQs on ASBA