Aquantia 61m Ipo Takahashi Venturebeat

Aquantia 61m ipo takahashi venturebeat

Aquantia 61m ipo takahashi venturebeat

Who's Next?

Ruminating on initial public offerings (IPO) is little more than idle speculation. Market conditions change all the time, the venture capital (VC) community is sometimes tough to keep up with, and many companies end up acquired long before their IPO potential bears fruit.

But thanks to the success of Meru Networks' IPO earlier this week -- and other companies, such as Force10 Networks, gearing up for IPOs of their own -- the spotlight is back on this corner of the industry again.

Here are 10 companies in the networking space worth keeping an eye on in the next few years.

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All have not only drawn appreciative nods from the world of finance, but also have robust channel programs and more solution provider converts every year.