Ahlada Engineers Ltd Ipo Review

Ahlada engineers ltd ipo review

Ahlada Engineers IPO details

Ahlada Engineers Limited is involved in the manufacturing of steel doors and windows (steel-frame). The company has entered into an agreement with the TATA Steel Limited to manufacture and supply of steel doors and related parts for under the brand name ‘Pravesh’. The company is divided across 3 units with assembling unit and stockyard spread across 34,211 square yards on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Date of incorporation: The company was initially established as ‘Ahlada Engineers Private Limited’ on 10th of August 2005.

Ahlada engineers ltd ipo review

Subsequently, the company was reformed to public limited company renamed to ‘Ahlada Engineers limited’ on 6th February 2018.

Promoters of Ahlada Engineers Limited: Mr Chedepudi Suresh Mohan Reddy is the sole promoter of Ahlada Engineers Limited.

Products and Service Offering: Ahlada Engineerings Limited has a diversified product offering across steel  door and windows segments that consists of:

  • - Steel Doors.

  • - Steel Frame Windows.

  • - Clean Room Equipment.

Customer Segments: Ahlada Engineerings Limited has a varied customer segment that consists of industrial and commercial customers.

They are also implementing directly connected to local vendors for effective marketing their products.

Objects of Ahlada Engineering Limited IPO: The main objectives of Ahlada Engineering Limited IPO are:

  • - Repayments of certain identified loans availed from lenders and directors.

  • - Purchase of Machinery/Equipment.

  • - General Corporate Expenses.

  • - Funding of Working Capital requirement.

Company financials:

Summary of Financial Information (Restated Standalone)


For the year/period ended (in Rs.


3 -Mar-18

3 -Mar-17

3 -Mar-16

3 -Mar-15

3 -Mar-14

Total Assets

1 ,562.47

9 785.69

8 386.93

6 912.18

6 084.47

Total Revenue

1 ,789.38

1 ,855.26

1 ,147.19

9 630.66

7 913.50

Profit After Tax

8 9.01

3 7.29

3 5.98

2 8.61


Ahlada engineers ltd ipo review