Forex Rates Today Dollar

Forex rates today dollar

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Get The Best US Dollar Rates For Buy & Sell in India

In the currency exchange market, currencies rates are quoted as buy rate or sell rate.

Different buying and selling rates are quoted by banks or money changers with variations in margins.

Forex rates today dollar

Take an example of USD to understand this. A USD buying rate is a rate at which currency exchange( a bank) allows you to Buy USD.

Forex rates today dollar

A selling rate is a rate at which you can Sell USD ( means currency exchange will buy from you) at this rate.

Everyone is searching for the best rates for USD in their locality. What needs to be first understood is what exactly is the best USD rate in India?

Get The Best US Dollar Rates For Buy & Sell in India

The Best USD rate is the rate at which you can actually exchange your money for and there are no unknown hidden- last-minute charges except the government approved taxes. So essentially the Best USD rate means

  1. The exact rate at which a customer can exchange their money
  2. The rate which has no add on hidden cost like store charges- bank fees etc. or is clearly displayed upfront
  3. The rate wherein the total amount to be paid ( rate X no. of currency) + taxes + other charges is lowest.

How offers Best rates for US dollar?

BookMyForex offers the best US Dollar exchange rates throughout India.

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This is been made possible because of's tie-ups with several banks and money exchangers. We invested heavily to build-up an infrastructure that ensures that you receive Dollar to INR rate that is live and accurate to the last second. The rates visible here aren't interbank rates or base rates that are visible on most sites.

Forex rates today dollar

These are rates at which you can buy or sell USD or send a USD international remittance. You can even freeze the live US Dollar rates online on our site at any moment by paying a nominal amount.

How offers Best rates for US dollar?

Moreover, the rate alert feature is another amazing way to get the best rates for US dollar, as on our website you can set alert to get notified via email when the rates touch the level that you want. This means you actually get the bestest US dollar rate ( the rate you want ) and do the transaction only when the rate reaches your desired level.

US Dollar Exchange Rate Today

Todays USD Rate or US Dollar Rate today is a myth.

No such thing exists.

Forex rates today dollar

Currency rates are not static, they change. Money changers have always used a static rate for Dollar to Rupee exchange purposes.


This rate is sometimes termed today's dollar rate or dollar USD rate today. American dollar rates, just like the rate of any other financial security vary every second. Money changers necessarily need to protect themselves from currency fluctuations that occur in the live market and in order to do that they create a large margin on these so called today's USD rates.

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With our robust technology infrastructure and our excellent tie-ups, were able to provide our customers with perfectly live and transparent exchange rates.

Convert Indian Rupee to US Dollar

With you can convert USD to INR at the best exchange rate available in the market with the click of a button.

With tie-ups with money changers and banks in 4000+ locations across India.

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You can check the US dollar price and order US Dollar currency or Forex Cards online via BookMyForex. With the option to see dollar rates online live, you can ensure to get the best deal 

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With you don't have to pay any hidden fees or charges to convert rupee to a dollar or vice versa.

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Our dollar rates are live so you can exchange your Dollars or any other foreign currency back into Indian rupees at exact interbank rates - that's the same rates that you see on search engines like Google, forex sites and business news channels like CNBC.

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