Low Carbon Contracts For Difference

Low carbon contracts for difference

This is dependent on whether or not you are establishing (new capacity) (Eligibility Regulation 3(5)(a) or altering (additional capacity) (Eligibility Regulation 3(5)(b)) an eligible generating station and your technology type.

Where you are establishing new capacity at a site then your Initial Installed Capacity Estimate must be >=0.01MW unless your technology is one of those that can apply into the Small Scale Fit (SSFiT).

2019 CFD Round Signals a Better World of Energy

In accordance with Allocation Regulation 14(4), where your technology can access the SSFiT (only Anaerobic Digestion for the upcoming Allocation Round), then Initial Installed Capacity Estimate must be >5.00MW.

In accordance with Eligibility Regulation 3(5)(b), where you are altering capacity at a site regardless of technology type, then your Initial Installed Capacity Estimate must be >=5.00MW.

 As per the Supplemental Requirements pursuant to Allocation Regulation 28 and as set out in Allocation Framework Paragraph 4, there are further capacity limits for Offshore Wind projects that are applying as a Phased Offshore Wind CfD Unit:

  • Initial installed capacity estimate for Phase 1 must be >=25% of the total Initial installed capacity estimate for all phases; and
  • Total Initial Installed Capacity Estimate for all phases must not be >=1500MW

Please be mindful that Applicants must ensure that the evidence they submit with their CfD Application provides them with the rights to the Initial Installed Capacity Estimate they apply for and they must also consider their obligations under the CfD Contract should they be successful in the allocation process.