The Best Option To Use The Verizon Phone In Europe

The best option to use the verizon phone in europe

How to Use Your Phone While Traveling in Europe

xyz123 is correct in stating that when using a GSM network, any call to North America or any other country, will require one´s first dialing ¨00¨ or ¨+¨ before the country code. However, T-Mobile could easily set up their VoIP networks to include the ¨+¨ function precluding the need for the user to dial it himself.

The best option to use the verizon phone in europe

The result would be that the user would feel as though he were still in the US when making calls.

Using a Verizon phone outside of the USA simply means that the phone has the GSM functions or circuitry as well as CDMA. I am not familiar with Verizon phones specifically but those usable on a GSM network with need not only the circuitry, but a GSM SIM as well either built in or changeable.

When Andrew states that his Verizon phone will work on GSM but requires some crazy settings to make it work, he is most likely referring to the requirement to configure his phones APNs, needed for GSM network access.

This could be one possible explanation for virginia4´s texting problem; that it was caused by an improperly configured APN; particularly if the texts were never received.

If however, an occasional text was received on the GSM network but only hours after it was sent, I would confirm that all of the Verizon GSM phones used were capable of connecting to both European GSM frequency bands: 900MHz and 1800MHz.

The best option to use the verizon phone in europe

If the phones were only capable of using one of these two frequency bands, coverage could be limited and texts would only be sent or received when the user entered into a zone of coverage which would delay the text.

xyz123 is also correct in stating the problems of this type are almost impossible to diagnose or correct on a forum.

Perhaps a better solution would be to avoid Verizon completely and purchase a 10€ SIM to insert into an old GSM phone. It would cost less that the Verizon solution, any more importantly, it would work.

The best option to use the verizon phone in europe